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-====== ​TexMind ​Braiding Machine Configurator ======+Welcome to TexMind ​Verlag!
-This software allow you to play with virtual maypole braiding machines on computer +Our rubric ​[[junior_experts|Junior Experts]] is dedicated to the young specialists,​ which finished their study and starts work in the industry. 
 +The most theses of my students are prepared under close cooperation with the industry - their content remains strictly hidden for the publicity. 
 +But in some cases, the students are working on topics, which are of common interests and not supported by any company. 
 +A selection of such good works, where the young people added some original value to the content, is listed here and such works are published by TexMind. 
 +In this way TexMind try to ensure a better start of the professional live of the young specialists and to make their achievements accessible for large number of other students and specialists. 
 +In Proceedings you will find presentations and papers from nice events. ​